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Youngblood Contour Palette has arrived!!

Posted on 20 April 2016

“Contour” literally means to outline a figure or body, to mold or shape. In cosmetic terms it means to create shadows, these shadows help to define certain areas, enhance shapes...

Youngblood Mineral Makeup Contour Kit

Posted on 1 March 2016

COMING SOON to Euphoria!

Foundations for Dry Skin

Posted on 12 January 2016

To complement our most recent post for dry skin (Youngblood Minerals; More Than Just Makeup), we have put together some information about the perfect foundations for dry or dehydrated skin. 

Youngblood minerals; More than just makeup

Posted on 26 November 2015

Youngblood Minerals; More than just makeup

Youngblood Blush Application Tip

Posted on 21 April 2015

Pro Tip:"Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation, for a glow that looks like it's coming from beneath the skin.

Creating the Perfect Makeup Base for Your Skin

Posted on 16 April 2014

Do you ever look at someone else's makeup and wonder how they got it so flawless? Do you have multiple products for the sole purpose of creating the 'perfect base'...

Youngblood Loose Mineral Powder

Posted on 1 April 2014

The Youngblood Loose Mineral Powder is not really a 'powder' at all. It's pure, crushed minerals - no talc or other product fillers in sight.