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Youngblood Ultimate Corrector

Posted on 4 December 2014

Become a master of disguise with the NEW Youngblood Ultimate Corrector! 

The Youngblood Ultimate Corrector is the perfect, creamy duo to correct dark under eye circles and to hide bruising and redness from cosmetic injections and laser procedures. 

The Corrector is a colour neutraliser with two colours: one yellow side and one peach side. It uses the colour wheel theory to work its magic.

Yellow: counteracts deep purple/red tones such as dark circles, bruising or scarring. The pale yellow can also work well to highlight brows and cheekbones.

Peach: The warm hue is perfect for balancing out unwanted cool tones. It will neutralise blues and grays on deeper skin tones. perfect to conceal blue/green under eye circles, veins or even tattoos, this versatile colour can also hep hide any hyper-pigmentation or white sun spots.

How does it differ to a concealer?

Concealers do exactly as the name suggests - conceals areas on the face and body that may need that little bit of extra coverage such as a blemish, pigmentation or dark circles under the eyes. When used for this purpose, concealer should be applied after foundation. As Youngblood is designed to be a concealing foundation you may actually find that no concealer is needed at all. Once you have applied your foundation, if there are still areas that need more covering, apply concealer to these areas.

Correctors on the other hand are formulated to help combat darker areas such as post operative bruising, really dark circles and to cover tattoos. If more neutralising is required then it is sometimes better to apply before your foundation application.

Active Ingredients:

With Light Reflecting Properties, the ultimate concealer is packed with vitamins and plant extracts. Vitamin A & E act as antioxidants and plant extracts blend (Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract & Centella Asatica Extract) promotes skin cell regeneration.