Cherry Blooms Lash & Brow Kits



Cherry Blooms started off as a weekend market stall in Brisbane back in November 2008. After selling out by days’ end due to popular demand; Jellaine, Cherry Blooms founder, had a dream to take her innovative beauty and style products to even more people and started stocking boutiques and salons in Australia and eventually worldwide.

Cherry Blooms Fiber Eyelash Extensions.

 Did you know?

Regular mascara only has a shelf life of up to 3 months.
However, Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Extensions can last up to 3 years because the high grade beeswax ingredient is a natural antiseptic so it doesn’t breed bacteria!  

6 Reasons to try Cherry Blooms Fiber Eyelash Extensions;

  1. Cherry Blooms are safe to use and will not damage your natural eyelash.
  2. Will give you 300% thicker, longer & more natural lashes in 60 seconds!
  3. Just one product, two tubes and three simple steps.
  4. Looks fresh, stays on all day and wont flake!
  5. Cherry Blooms are water resistant so its cry, laugh and sweat proof!
  6. Made from high grade beeswax and black fibres.
Did you Know?

Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Extensions is natural, hypoallergenic, and will not cause any irritation to the eyes when sealed properly with a generous amount of the natural high grade beeswax mascara gel.
It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

We are inviting all clients to trial Cherry Blooms Fiber Lashes for FREE at their next appointment.


Cherry Blooms Instant Fiber Brows

Cherry Blooms proprietary blend of natural fibers and smooth powder acts like instant brows.
Cherry blooms fiber brows semi-permanent formula means it won’t fade during the day but also won’t absorb into the skin.

They are available in four shades and every Instant fiber brow kit comes with 3 stencils (Thin, Natural & Thick) to take the guess work out of brow shaping and easily create perfect, professional brows in 10 seconds, the different shades and stencils compliment all face frames.

The Cherry Blooms Instant fiber Brows are sweat and splash proof!