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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are volumising products that are injected into the dermal layer of your skin, they can be used to restore lost volume, soften lines and deep folds and to enhance or define lips and facial contours. They are a popular non-surgical treatment choice, primarily used to;

  • Soften facial lines and wrinkles
  • Shape and enhance lips
  • Define facial contours
  • Restore lost volume to cheeks
  • Improve the quality and hydration of the skin.

The way in which we use Dermal Fillers has evolved in recent years. The focus was once to merely fill lines and wrinkles, a hammer and nail approach. Now we also address what is causing the lines and wrinkles in the first place. For example, deep folds and jowls are often a result of lost volume in the mid-face & cheek area. Restoring volume to the cheeks and mid-face areas can lift jowls and soften deep folds, thereby treating the cause and the effect.

What type of Dermal Filler products are used at Euphoria?

At Euphoria Clinic we only use TGA approved products that have a proven record and have performed well over 20 Million treatments worldwide!
Depending on the area being treated, products of varying thickness are used, ranging from fine for skin texture and hydration, fine lines and lips, medium thickness for deeper folds and facial contouring, and thicker for areas that require a larger amount of volume for example; cheeks and facial contours.
Legislation prevents us from using brand names or active ingredients so please contact the clinic for more information.

What areas can be treated with Dermal Fillers?

The most common areas that can be treated with dermal fillers are:
  • Smoker’s lines around the mouth
  • Nose to mouth folds (naso-labial folds)
  • Cheeks
  • Chins
  • Jaw line and jowls
  • Eye hollows and dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Smile lines
  • Lip borders
  • Lip volume
  • Neck lines
  • Décolletage lines
  • Hands
  • Scars

What are Dermal Fillers made of?

As mentioned above, legislation prevents us from naming active ingredients on our website. What we can tell you is the main ingredient is a plant derived simple sugar molecule, a gel like substance. We all naturally produce this in our own body and it is what gives our skin its volume and fullness, by attracting and binding water (much like a sponge does), resulting in an increase in volume.

As we age, levels of this molecule deplete and our skin has less ability to retain water, resulting in;

  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Volume loss
  • Dehydrated skin
  • An aged and tired appearance.
Dermal Fillers can assist in restoring lost volume in a natural looking way; (only replenishing what has been lost) to create a freshened yet natural appearance.

Why Dermal Fillers may be beneficial for you

There are a number of events that occur as we age;
  • We gradually lose volume from fat pads beneath the skin which causes our face to lose its natural shape and contours.
  • Our skin becomes loose and saggy
  • Deep folds and wrinkles appear where once there were none
  • Ageing and gravity cause our once plump and youthful features to droop, resulting in a tired, aged appearance
This is particularly noticeable;
  • Beneath the eyes
  • In the cheeks
  • Around the mouth and lips
  • Along the jaw line.
Our bones also begin to age, becoming thinner and smaller.
Consider for a moment the image of a solid wooden table with a tight fitting table cloth......then, imagine the wooden table becoming smaller, but the table cloth staying the same end up with an excess of loose, saggy table cloth with nowhere to go but South!
A similar thing happens to our face - our bone structure being the table, and our skin being the table cloth!
Rachel, our Registered Nurse Cosmetic injector, can discuss with you how dermal fillers may help;
  • Replace lost volume
  • Restore the natural contours of the face
  • Freshen and rejuvenate tired skin
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Achieve long lasting and natural looking results

​How do you know if Dermal Fillers are right for you? 

If you are new to Euphoria, it is essential that you have a consultation with our Registered Nurse Rachel prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedures.
There is no charge for this and you are under no obligation to proceed with any treatment. It is important that together we identify and discuss your individual needs so that we can ensure your suitability for a dermal filler procedure and select the right treatment for you.
At this initial consultation Rachel will discuss with you any medical history that may be relevant to your treatment, she will also want to know of any previous cosmetic treatments you may have had.
Once you and Rachel have identified your needs and concerns she will discuss with you which treatments may be of benefit to you, what the treatment process involves, what kind of results you can expect to achieve, what the cost of treatment will be and what is recommended to maintain your results. Rachel will also inform you of all potential side effects and complications in regards to dermal filler procedures.
Rachel will answer any questions you have and provide you with honest and professional advice. At no time will Rachel recommend a treatment that isn’t right for you or that you don’t need.
Call Euphoria now (07) 5514 0614 to arrange your free consultation.
If you would like to read more, see our FAQ section below.

Dermal Fillers Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

At Euphoria, we understand that having a cosmetic procedure (especially if it is your first time) can be a little daunting. There are numerous anti aging products and treatment options available to you, so how do you know where to start, or which treatments are right for your individual needs?

At Euphoria we only use products that are TGA approved. Legislation prevents us from naming products on our website, (but please contact us if you would like more information). 

As with any medical procedure there are potential side effects and complications that should be fully explained to you prior to undergoing your treatment. Some of these expected side effects are injection related such as swelling, bruising and discomfort which will generally fully resolve over a few days, this can sometimes take up to two weeks for bruising. Although rare, more serious complications can occur with a dermal filler procedure for eg;  allergy, infection, vascular occlusion (filler blocking a blood vessel) and more recently cases of blindness and stroke as a result of a dermal filler procedure have also been reported.
Prior to undergoing a dermal filler procedure at Euphoria it is a requirement that you attend a free consultation with our Registered Nurse Rachel. She assess your suitability for treatment, fully inform you regarding possible side effects and complications and discuss with you, your medical history, current medications, illness or allergies that may affect your suitability to undergo treatment with Dermal Fillers.
How long will your result last?

The ingredient in Dermal Fillers is a naturally occurring sugar molecule, similar to that which is naturally present in our skin. The product that we use at Euphoria is less than 1% modified from its original form and is the closest of all these types of fillers to ingredients in our own skin. The gel like substance attracts and binds water resulting in increased volume to the treated area, (something our bodies are less efficient at doing as we age) so even long after the product itself has metabolised, we are left with residual hydration and our own natural collagen that has been stimulated to grow as a by-product of the injecting process.

The length of time that your treatment will last will vary between individuals dependent on many factors including age, skin condition and lifestyle habits as well as the type and amount of Dermal Filler product used and the area treated.

Just like ageing is a natural process that occurs over time, preventing, achieving  and maintaining results is also a gradual process that involves more than one treatment.

As a general rule, finer products injected into more mobile areas such as lips, lines around the mouth and fine lines around the eyes will typically last around 6 - 9 months.  Thicker products injected more deeply into the skin in areas such as cheeks, eye hollows and deep folds will typically last around 9 – 12 months, longer if subsequent top up treatments are carried out at around 4 to 5 months after your initial treatment.

How long will your treatment take?

Depending on the area being treated and the dermal filler used, most treatments can be performed over a 1 hour appointment.

How much will your Dermal Filler treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the area being treated and the amount and type of product being used. During your consultation appointment you will be provided with an accurate quote for any recommended treatments.

If you would like more information regarding pricing, please call Euphoria Clinic on (07) 5514 0614

What happens to the product and your result once the product has gone?
Over time the ingredient in Euphoria Dermal Fillers is slowly metabolised (as explained in “how long will my results last”). This occurs gradually and it is recommended to retreat the area prior to it depleting completely, this way your result will be maintained for a longer period of time. The length of time dermal filler results last may vary between individuals. Things won't immediately fall apart if you choose not to retreat the area, it will simply return to its original state prior to treatment. In fact, even if you only did one treatment and never did it again you may still benefit from the residual effects of increased hydration and collagen production.
What will you look like immediately after your treatment?

As with any medical procedure there may be associated side effects which are expected and therefore what you see on the day of your treatment is not usually the end result.

Rachel will discuss with you prior to your treatment any potential side effects and complications, and how best to manage these.

The most common expected side affects following treatment with Dermal Fillers are:


In most cases this is minimal and will resolve over 24 – 48 hours. Rachel will advise you on the best ways to reduce and resolve swelling at completion of your treatment.


In any procedure where skin is penetrated there is a potential risk of bruising. Some medications can increase the incidence of bruising and Rachel will discuss this with you prior to your treatment.


Mild discomfort is normal following treatment with Dermal Fillers and is usually easily managed with mild pain relief, applying ice packs to the treated areas and avoiding activities that can increase swelling, bruising and discomfort such as, strenuous exercise, spas and saunas, and some medications.

After care information will be explained to you at the completion of your treatment.

When can you have a treatment?

After your consultation, we recommend you take some time to consider your options, weigh up the risks and benefits and if you decide to proceed with a treatment we can book your appointment for a suitable time. 

When should you come back to the clinic?

Following your treatment with Dermal Fillers our Nurse Rachel will advise you regarding aftercare. In the days following your treatment if you have any concerns or questions please call the clinic.

We also offer a review appointment at around 2 weeks following your treatment. There is no charge for this appointment and it allows Rachel to assess your results, answer any questions and ensure you are happy with your results.

Future appointments and treatments can be discussed on an ongoing basis. Rachel will advise you as to how often you may need to attend the clinic.

Who will perform your treatment and are they qualified?
Your treatment at Euphoria will only ever be performed by a registered medical professional. Registered Nurse Rachel is our principal injector and has substantial experience in cosmetic medicine, she has worked as a Registered Nurse for 23 yrs, the last 15 years in the Cosmetic industry as an injector at clinics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  She has also previously worked as a clinical trainer for Q-med/Galderma which involved training Doctors & Nurses throughout Queensland in injecting techniques.
Euphoria also provide a free video consultation with Dr May Marr, our prescribing Doctor. It is a legal requirement in Qld that all S4 medications (anti-wrinkle injections & dermal fillers) are prescribed by a Doctor.
Will treatment with Dermal Fillers hurt?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked and for most clients it is something they are concerned about. Every individuals response to pain is unique, in most cases people have reported mild discomfort during a dermal filler procedure, some areas are more uncomfortable than other areas the lips for eg are probably the most sensitive area.

To ensure your comfort throughout your procedure it is sometimes necessary to administer a small amount of local anesthetic to the area being treated, using either a topical anesthetic cream or tiny injections of a short acting local anesthetic to numb the area.

Most Dermal Fillers now come with anesthetic already in them which can also help reduce discomfort.

Will you still look like you? (I don't want to look plastic or weird!)

You can rest assured that you will still look like you, the main function of a dermal filler treatment is to freshen not entirely change your appearance, when administered well they can achieve very natural looking results.

In most cases we are not adding anything that you didn’t already have, just simply restoring, replenishing and rejuvenating what has been lost over the years as we age.

No-one wants to appear as if they belong in a wax museum, or have just come out of a wind tunnel. We have all seen the pictures of many a Hollywood star who has gone too far, they begin to look strange and fake, which is not a desirable outcome.  

At Euphoria our focus is all about achieving subtle and natural looking results.